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Collect them all!

September 14, 2012

What are collectibles really?

Collectible art, books, music, cars, dolls, dead stock clothing, and the like, are not necessarily rare. They can just be hard to find. There is a difference. Collectibles often appeal to a small group of people and can fluctuate greatly in value over time. Let’s take gold for example. Gold can be collected, and it has value. Even gold goes up and down in price and can never be guaranteed to reach a certain value in the future. Such is the case with many things people perceive as collectible and having value. One day items can be extremely rare and valuable, the next day they can become virtually worthless. (Enron Stock anyone?)
Just for kicks, go on E Bay right now and see how collectible and “rare” Beanie Babies are.

Many collections have no end to them. This is a brilliant sales strategy. How does the collecting treadmill start? We could use any object or item. How about expensive porcelain figurines? As a child I would find a kids’ version of porcelain figurines in boxes of tea my Mother would bring home. Hence at early childhood the collecting begins. You can start to collect them all, but new ones keep being released. New shiny beautifully crafted figurines keep being made all the time. The manufacturers are smart. They don’t concern themselves with exactly how many you buy, own, sell, trade, display or gift to others.  When is a collection too big?  Why did I listen to all those ads suggesting I  get one (insert any item here) in every color? I don’t feel manufacturers are supposed to assume to know more about what I need than I do. They create an imaginary need, and then fill that need with their product. As an adult I believe that it is my job to know what I need. I was giving my power away to advertising over and over again.

We have minimum and maximum recommendations from food manufacturers for food and nutrient  intake, why not  include recommendations for maximum object enjoyment? Inside a box containing a figurine there is no insert card outlining the maximum suggested number of figurines for healthy enjoyment. Maybe there should be.

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