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30 Days “on the wagon”

February 1, 2013


Well, it’s been an interesting 30 days.

I got a little stressed the first week without the absolute freedom to buy anything I wanted or needed, but then realized after about week 3 it wasn’t so bad after all. I actually forgot (truly an accident) at one point I wasn’t buying anything and bought some replacement wine glasses for a friend that had broken one of his favorite polka dot wine glasses. Oops.

Other than that I have been getting rid of more objects and haven’t bought any clothes. I sold my coffee table, so now I have no living room furniture.

I needed a new pair of shoes for running (mandatory) and some fitness materials, but nothing I could have substituted in its place, so now I can see how this can be tricky and will inspire me to become even more creative as the year goes by. I found out that when I go to most stores I just have to leave because I’m not buying anything anyway, so it’s pointless to go into my usual stores now. The places I would have gone to for sure, but haven’t so far:

Clothing stores

Liquor store

Online jewellery store

One of the side effects of this project so far is unsubscribing to about six different newsletters I used to read. I didn’t expect that. I’ve already been thinking about having another garage sale in April or May as well, so we will see how things play out between now and then. One bonus is that my floor is a lot easier to clean, and I can already picture all the objects I had here being used by other people that ow them now. That part makes me feel really great.


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