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April 2, 2013


There is something wrong with you. No, it’s me. No, it’s really you.

There is a product out there that will fix the wrongness. The wrongness was never realized by you until the mass media commercials told you about your less than perfect (insert affliction here). Someone else (who has never met you, by the way) has decided you are supposed to be something other than what you already are. This strategy has worked by the advertising industry for years with me. I once heard that anything you see advertised on television is not good for you, especially food. I have never seen a commercial for spinach, kale, onions, garlic, or even toothpaste without fluoride.

If my skin is wrinkly, dry, shiny, matte, dull, flaky, greasy, pimply, too red, too tan, too pale, too hairy, not hairy enough, then there is a product out there that will purport to remedy that. We can use the same template for almost anything. Once I got out of the stores and my nose out of the magazines I was able to take a big step back and re-examine my needs and wants. This has helped a great deal. Although I have had some slip ups in the buying department, at the end of the day the big point is being continually aware of what I bring home and letting go of things that don’t take me in the new directions I choose to go.

There actually isn’t anything wrong with you. Maybe you are simply different..and that’s the best part! Maybe that’s what people truly will love about you the most when you allow more and more of that part of you to shine. If you haven’t taken the risk already, cultivate bit by bit that part of you deep inside that is unique and your life will grow into something quite different, unexpected, and more fulfilling than you ever imagined if you set out to be more like everyone else. Once you have that, no one can take it away from you, it will never wear out, and you can’t buy it in a store.

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