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Insurance: Friend or Foe

November 25, 2013


The insurance concept:

Home insurance generally replaces things that get damaged, lost, or stolen. The idea is that an insurance company will replace (or substitute the equivalent of the original item) to what was lost. You would think that it would be a “hall pass” to get all new stuff, but what if you don’t want to replace it?

Even though losing all your things can put you in the position of being an ultimate consumer, by the time you actually truly, honestly, reassess your life do you REALLY want to make another carbon copy of your external life? Wasn’t some of that stuff just holding you back anyway? As I practice, fail, practice, fail, and practice again at letting go of more things and continue to review my external life, I don’t know yet what I would replace besides my clothes and my fitness equipment. My furniture is largely gone (except the things I store my clothes in) and every week I still try to become more and more ok with letting go of parts of my external past.

This holiday season will be the leanest to date, and that’s ok with me (we will se how “ok” I am about it closer to the second week of December) as I wanted to get off the hamster wheel of buying all the gifts I would have wanted to purchase for everyone. I love gift giving. I love wrapping and giving gifts. This year, since I am still scaling back on my consumerism, I have decided just to give away my own things, or send cards and not provide an explanation to those I usually buy for. I have a feeling I will have a fabulous holiday all the same. I’ll let you know in January.

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