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Holiday gift giving

January 1, 2014


There was quite a bit less consumer sparkle in my holidays this year.

As you may remember from my last post, I decided to give away some of my own things, but mostly give cards this year. This holiday wasn’t quite the same, but my stress was absent from this usually stress-packed season. It was the easiest holiday ever. Although it felt a bit strange receiving a couple of gifts while just giving cards, I’m glad I tried it, and I would do it again for the main reason of simplifying my life.

As it turned out, I was able to connect with the people I loved just as easily without the all-out gift buying I have been  used to doing every year. This was definitely a first for me. It was a wonderful experiment, and a worthwhile learning experience. There was virtually nothing under my tree as well, but It didn’t change the point of the holidays, it seemed to help me focus on the real point of it.

I can think of four main reasons why I got this far over the past 16 months. I witnessed first hand a hoarding environment of someone I knew. I had another person stay with me and move their own things into my space. I grew much more satisfied with the things I already owned. I expanded my home business.

Although I intend to continue to slowly reduce the number of my belongings, I do appreciate the joy of having things. I would like to learn how to own only things that I use, and look forward to thinking harder before I make necessary purchases. I am well on my way.

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