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Spring Cleaning

April 7, 2014


Aaahhh, spring is here.

After the longest, coldest, most unpleasant winter this city has seen in a long time, it is finally winding down. I haven’t heard so many people share stories of winter blues as much as this year. Now it’s time to switch gears to a warmer season, do some spring cleaning, and get back to projects that were previously frozen by last seasons temperatures.

As I suspected, getting rid of my furniture last year opened a new opportunity for moving through life in a different way. Shedding more of my belongings has inspired me to re-look at the things that are still left, and to contemplate them more deeply. I plan on donating more of my stuff soon, but today the challenge is being ok with giving them away as opposed to selling them to justify their original purchase. I imagine many people resist letting go of their stuff because of the financial investment they made by acquiring them in the first place. Tossing things can feel like throwing away money. How can we become more comfortable and safe with just tossing or donating things that represent good times, people, time spent or money earned?

My Mother used to try to drum into my head that having a few quality things was better than having lots of “junk”. Her description of junk was generally poor quality objects, be it cheap clothing or poorly made furniture. As a young woman in my twenties, I would consistently debate this with her. I brought up the point that my tastes changed so fast that I could not possibly want to wear or use the same things year after year. Although this remains my position still, I have a new respect for her opinion in the sense that quality never goes out of favor, nor does an item that was made with great care and precision. This I now understand. I can finally say I consider her point now when I buy something.

Thanks Mom, it took me decades to respect some of your views, and I can see now how myopic I was as a young lady. Your views were indeed, just as valid as anyone’s, and I will always remember that.













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